How To Make The Most of Winter Exercise

February 22, 2019 / Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul

The weather has been cold and that can make outdoor exercise sounds a lot less appealing. Even if you’re used to running, walking, or exercising outside, making an adjustment to a winter workout after bariatric surgery can be a challenge.


As a bariatric surgery patient, there's no reason to let chilly temperatures stand in the way of a great workout. With these tips, you can stay healthy all winter long, no matter how frightful the weather outside might be.


1. Join a Gym


When the weather gets chilly, a gym is the ideal place to keep you motivated. If you already have a gym membership, the changing weather won't be an issue for you. If you don't, now is the time to join.


From exercise equipment to organized classes, working out at the gym is a great way to keep your energy up during your winter workout after bariatric surgery. Consider increasing the intensity of your workouts. Try a boot camp program or prolonged cardio to fight off winter's chill.


2. Work Out at Home


With the rise in free workout apps, streaming content, and even YouTube classes, exercising at home is easier than ever.  If you can't afford a treadmill or stair stepper, a online resources can guide you through an awesome workout and help you stay active from the comfort of your living room.


Consider investing in a few equipment basics to make your exercise easier. A yoga mat, exercise ball, and some free weights are a great place to start.


3. Bundle Up


A little cold never hurt anyone! Cold weather doesn't mean the outside is off limits. It means you just need to plan accordingly.


Invest in thick socks, a hat or fleece headband, and thick running leggings. Pull on a windbreaker, fleece pullover, or insulated vest. Even if you can't walk or jog far, every bit of activity counts during a winter workout after bariatric surgery.


If you need more motivation to get moving, invite a friend to go for a jog or winter hike with you. 


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Staying motivated to exercise when the weather takes a turn can require time and dedication. A positive attitude here can be the difference between success and failure. Consider alternatives to your traditional routine, dress warmly to adjust to the cold, and stay focused on your goals.


This way, you can keep up your winter workout after bariatric surgery with ease. And who knows? You may be surprised by how much you like a change to your exercise regimen!


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